July 2010 … Familientreffen Sandersleben

MRD (Mr. Dupont aka Christoph Lemke) and TC (Tino Claus // Amnistia, Neukampf) sat in a golden Opel Omega, listened to some tunes and had some beers - festival mood…

Some weeks ago TC did some guestvocals for the "Retro Disko" album by MRD's project MR. DUPONT. While listening to this track ("Daily Monster") they decided to found a new project. MRD suggested to use the initials of their names for the project. The idea was good and because of the heat and the beer they didn't thought about the name any longer.... MRDTC was born…

In October 2012 MRDTC gave their tracks the head head of the label (Germany) and some days later they had a record deal resulting in the release of their splendid debuut album '#2 [We Transfer]' early 2013.

MRDTC website