Solo project of electo music producer and wizzard Eric Van Wonterghem (Sonar/ Absolute Body Control/Insekt/...)

Renown for his elaborate electronic music arrangements which speak to both body and mind, MONOLITH takes us on a sonic journey cleverly departing from his most recent ritual oriented work to explore new territories. Repetitive loops, hypnotising electronic sequences and carrying rhythmics take you into a multi-coloured journey through electro and industrial landscapes, each time incorporating new exotic elements, using vocal samples and distinctive guest vocalists.

Featuring a more direct song writing approach, our Belgian studio guru meticulous production talent and a depressive apocalyptic central theme, He effortlessly delivers to us the ultimate hi-energy cocktail of modern urban industrial with some surprising minimal electro/clash tonalities intelligently blending our 80s analog music background (fortified by excellent real time synth performances) with futuristic fx and mesmerising electro sequences.

A band having the rare privilege to appeal to a very diversified audience, ranging from the Ant-zen harsh ambient/industrial camp through Novamute more intellectual electronic dance experiments or yet Gigolo Records electro clash gang.
Monolith on BodyBeats