Geistform is an electronic music project Rafael M. Espinosa (Barcelona, ES) influenced by the minimal techno and industrial sounds.

Powerful electronic rhythms, cold and minimalist, analog sounds and distortions. Generated mostly from analog sources, oscillators and purely electronic tones.

Synthesizers, radios, pulse frequencies, cold and minimalist rhythms, radiation background, white noise ... all these Geistform's signatures.

Geistform has released five albums so far and has performed live throughout the whole of Europe:

“Uno” - Daft records (Belgium, 2001)
“Sequentia 2.0″ - Daft records (Belgium, 2005)
“Pro analogic” - Hands productions (Germany, 2008)
“Transistor music” - Hands production (Germany, 2010)
“Data transmission” - Hands production (Germany, 2012)

He also know for his collaborated with Dirk Ivens (The Klinik, Dive, Absolute Body Control, Sonar) with whom he co-produced the Dive album 'Behind The Sun' (2004)

Geistform's live shows are know to be harsh, hypnotic and extreme danceable!