(Headliner/full length show!)

ARBEID ADELT! (literally 'Labour Ennobles') was formed in 1981 by the duo Marcel Vanthilt (Max Alexander) and Jan Van Roelen (David Salamon).

Arbeid Adelt! sounds like a musical experiment in a madhouse and quickly became one of Belgium's cult bands.

Only 48 hours after the band was formed they had already recorded their first 7" 'Ik Sta Scherp'(I'm keen) / 'Schuld, Mij Treft Geen …(Guilthy, I'm not …). Their first gig took only seven minutes, playing the two songs.

In 1982 the release of their second 7" 'De Dag Dat Het Zonlicht Niet Meer Scheen' (The Day The Sun Stopped Shining) already caused a first commotion. This because the Flemish Schlager John Terra had only just released a song with the same title and felt attacked by the Arbeid Adelt! song, especially by the phrase "It was the day, the day that John disappeared with my friend…"

Arbeid Adelt! strengthened themselves with musical centipede Luc Van Acker (Revolting Cocks, etc). In 1983 they recorded their first (cult) albums 'Jonge Helden' (Young Heroes) and 'Le Chagrin En Quatre-Vingts' (The grief in the 80's). Songs like 'Lekker Westers' (Great Western) and 'De Man Die alles noteert' (The Man Who Writes Everything Down) even made it to modest radio hit-tunes. Other well-known songs on the album are obviously 'Jonge Helden', the totally in latin sung and incomprehensible song 'Capita Selecta', and the up-tempo track "65 +".

Due to issues with the record company and between the members themselves about the future of Arbeid Adelt! the band disappears from the scene. But only to resurface in the early 90s, the original members come together again (Vanthilt, Van Roelen, Van Acker) to record their third and last album so far (as a trio) 'Des Duivels Oorkussen' (The Devils Workshop). Despite the magnificent new tracks as 'Spannend' (Exciting) and 'Jhonniie Sexpistool' Arbeid Adelt! fails to make a commercial break through and disappears again...

In the dance and club environment Arbeid Adelt! will always be remembered for the great danceable track and cover versions of P.I.L.'s "Death Disco".

Today the trio is back on stage playing songs taken from their complete back catalogue. Be there the witness some Belgian madhouse electro!

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