With a career fuelled by ambition, built on hard work and constant perseverance ... An overpowering blend of digital pulses, distorted guitars and intriguing vocals ... A stance that cannot be ignored, thriving on experiment and emotion ...

A SPLIT-SECOND are simply too good to be ignored, and from their conception in 1985 it didn't take the world long to acknowledge the importance of their unique musical vision.

With having released classic records like 'Flesh' (THE blueprint for the Belgian-based New Beat movement), 'Rigor Mortis' and 'Ballistic Statues' they secured themselves a place at the forefront of the international underground, while elaborate albums displayed a group capable of embracing a variety of lyrical themes and musical ingredients, arranging them into the ultimate aural synthesis for body and mind. 

Lengthy tours throughout Europe and North America further established A SPLIT-SECOND's reputation as one of the most vital forces in electronic, subversive rock.

After years of silence A SPLIT-SECOND emerged again with a fantastic ‘best of ‘concert on the first edition of our own Belgian Independent Music Festival (Antwerp, Belgium 2002) where they stunned friend and foe with their hard hitting and energetic live show. 

Since A Split-Second has been gigging successfully around the world from Leipzig (Germany) to NYC (USA) and from Stockholm (Sweden) Sao Paulo (Brazil).