Sixth Comm is a British experimental, rock and synth pop group founded by Patrick Leagas in 1986. Sixth Comm is influenced by Norse magic and mythology. Leagas would appear to be the main force behind this outfit, which somewhat confusingly, releases albums both as Sixth Comm and as Mother Destruction. Both names are sometimes present on the CDs.

Patrick Leagas was originally vocalist and percussionist for controversial neo-folk/post-industrial group Death in June. The earliest recordings of Sixth Comm contain different versions of a number of Death In June songs. A Nothing Life cassette was initially labelled as being a joint effort, although later reissues made no mention of his former band.

Early works continued in the familiar neo-folk direction, but gradually Sixth Comm found their own voice. Leaving behind the imagery of Death in June, Leagas renamed himself O'Kill and began to introduce electronic beats. The songs began to revolve more and more around neopagan imagery. Somewhere along the line, the female vocals of Leagas' wife, "pagan priestess" Amodali, were added to the line-up. The group headed further into an experimental direction and began to utilise tape-loops and tribal beats, to provide musique concrète-influenced soundscapes of a genuinely eerie dimension, a wild pagan passion driving unsettling atmospherics. These albums started to be released under the moniker Mother Destruction.